Home Improvements, 3.0

The fence is done.

Sort of.

After tripling the budget, a gross miscalulation of time, humidity that hovered around 99%, and ten (10!) gallons of paint, almost all of the fence recieved its needed two coats of paint.

But, another couple of gallons will get it, no problem. October may be a better time to think about that.

I am sure you would LOVE some photographic proof that we completed the task, but as per usual, the camera batteries are dead. It would have been crazy to upload the pictures as I took them, right?

Those with an eye for detail would notice I did not mention the deck. As I was painting one day, I couldn't image it white anymore. The rocking chairs are white, the table and chairs are white, and the house is a light grey color. It just seemed to be too much. So, that project has been postponed as well. Hopefully, I can get it done in time for BooMama's carnival. :)

So, what's new with you?

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