I have been trying in vain to think of something blog worthy.

But, for some reason I've been coming up short. I feared a long break was in store. You know how it always ends. One day without a post turns into two, three....

So, I was going to put up a "I am on a break" sign, but something popped. Since I have four years (give or take an entry or five) of stuff, I thought I'd play TV executive and show re-runs.

I clicked on this day last year, and oh, my word, it was practically the same as yesterday; Only changes are in the menu. But, we need to give kudos to Nicholas for the laugh of the day:

My mom had made some fried zucchini. Darrin wanted to try it, so I was taking him a bite from my plate. He was really unsure and Jessica is trying to coax him--since I had already MADE her do it--by saying it tasted like 'candy.'

Nicholas without missing a beat says, "Yeah. But not like good candy; it's like the mint at the bottom of an old lady's pocketbook."

::still laughing::

***updated to add***

Because I am not fluent in html, I couldn't get the post from my other place to look right here. When I did edit, I had some error. I may try to re post at a later time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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