As requested: The Weather

Well Sarah, I guess it's just you and me.

The weather?

Yesterday was really nice, temps around 90. The humidity was low, so it didn't feel hot, and the sky was blue. Rarity in the summer months here.

Today has been cloudy all day with intermittent sprinkles.

*I have been in a creative rut. Since the last time I wrote there has been nothing of significance to report. Like Kate says, "Everyday is painfully the same, but vastly different." Hmm..they have a new design on their website...

*If I don't get called to work soon, I may be finding an alternative way to make el dinero.

*Today in Geography, the instructor referred to me as "ma'am." Now in the south, that is customary and all --I am ok with that. BUT. He has two girls that he refers to as "Buffy." He says they have "the perfect hair, the nice clothes..you know, the cheerleader type." Well, as offensive as I find that, even if he called ME Buffy, when this 62-year-old man called me ma'am...you can imagine how I have felt since.

*We woke up Sunday to find that someone had hit the stop sign in the yard and completely knocked it over. Big Daddy got it back right, but I called the City yesterday to report it. The first person I talked to transferred me to the street department, which is the number I dialed [but I digress] and Moses answered the phone. Then he asked me for directions. :::think about that::: This morning, BD just so happens to see them working on the sign...on the other corner. So he directs them our way, and it takes three men to unbolt the three signs, tamp the pole into the dirt, and reassemble. I expect it to blow over this weekend.

*Last night, Nicholas asked BD who he was voting for. He answered to which Nicholas replied, "Well, get ready to pay more taxes." Cracks me up, him being in 4th grade and all.

*Today I heard that Sarah Palin was a part of the Miss USA/America pageant circle which she emphasized that it is a scholarship program. If they get elected, do you think she is striving for world peace and a puppy for everyone? I should look up those videos on YouTube and see what her talent was. Well, I didn't find a video, but I did find that she won Miss Congeniality. You know, as a woman, I think she should be offended she was picked to run as VP. Not because she is a woman, but because McCain has now been caught talking out both sides of his, um, mouth. And that's all I have to say about that.

I suppose that is about it for today. I have several days of entries planned. My hope is to get them typed....

As always, thanks for stopping by!


SarahHub said...

Ma'am???!!!??? I know it's polite, but I hate it, too! It's just like when I buy wine and they don't card me anymore...

Courtney said...

I heard her talent was playing the flute. I'm being serious, although it sounds like a joke.

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