I am thinking a file would work anywhere

I signed on to the blog earlier to link myself.

That sounded weird.

Anywho, whilst I was here, I decided to check the traffic. Imagine my suprise when I saw that I finally got my first traffic from Google searches:

-how to spell hor'dourve
-how to buff a nail in the mall

Weird, but hey, whatever gets them here. Right?


SarahHub said...

How to buff a nail in the mall? Gotta love those Google searches...

Perkysgrl said...

How do you link yourself?

Courtney said...

The stuff people search for that turns up my blog is sometimes laughable. Some people do entire posts on those search terms and answer the questions. I've thought about doing it before, but there are so many wacky ones that it'd be hard to choose which.

Momma said...

lol! how funny!

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