A decade of Nicholas

On this day, ten years ago, Nicholas Conner was born. Weighing ten pounds and measuring 21 inches long, he was quite the surprise in more ways than one.

After an mostly uneventful pregnancy, he was an easy baby, always happy. He didn't really start getting "hard" until he turned 3 and Darrin turned 2. But that is probably expected when you have boys that are fourteen months apart.

[This is not a practice I recommend or endorse for even the most patient of souls.]

Looking back though, even through all that my husband and I have been through, he still wasn't ever hard. Sure he gave us moments of pause and wonder, but they were nothing in hindsight.

This weekend he invited the boys from next door (11 & 9) and a friend from school (9). If the things I witnessed were foreshadowing of events to come, I can tell you now that I am:

a) in a lot of trouble,
b) not seen favorably in the male sector, and
c) in a LOT of trouble.

I won't go into personal details here, but I will say that some tears were shed this weekend by more than one person.

December 1999 ^

I also learned that my kids are well behaved in comparison to some, but maybe not others.

If that makes any sense.

Anyway, a whole ten years has gone by with a little guy that I never knew I wanted until he got here. And I can honestly say that the last ten years would have been dull with out him.

Happy Birthday Nicholas. You finally made it to the big 1-0.

Love, Mommy.

P.s I understand now that a PSP is NOT the same thing as a Nintendo DS. I hope you enjoy the Nintendo DS.

P.S.S You can still order off the children's menu.


SarahHub said...

Happy birthday, Nicholas! Heather, I am really going to need advice from you as Evie grows up!

♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Awww, happy birthday to him!!

And you have me wondering what I've got instore this weekend with 4 girls all around the age of 7 will be up to.


Bridgett said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas!

I'm sorry the weekend wasn't perfect. :(

Even still, you have an amazing boy there who will never again be in the single digits age-wise. Agghhh. Time goes by way too fast.


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