:::Breaking News:::

I am sitting here waiting on the washer to finish,

(don't ask)

working on my essay that is due tomorrow,

(read: looking at google images)

and realized that I didn't take ONE.PICTURE.TODAY.

Not so much as a snappy with the cell phone.

One of two things I predict will come of this scenario:

a) I have lots of years and previous (and future!) Easters to make- up a super fabulous one, or

b) Nicholas will use this and this against me in the therapist's chair on how I totally messed his life up.

"I remember this Easter when I was 10 I told her I was going to wake her up when I got up. I always get up early. I went in her room at 6:38 and said, 'Mommy. I am up. It's Easter.' She said, 'It's early,' and didn't get up. But you know when Darrin went in at 7:00 she hopped right up out of bed. She always does everything for him, and I get nothing."

I think I go work on my Mother of the Year speech.

And for the record, I really meant to get up. I was teasing him and acting like I wasn't going to get up. So, his lack of response and having only been asleep since 1:30 worked against me.

So, what should I wear to the ceremony?


Amy said...

Go naked. They'll need more to talk to the therapist about.

Also, come visit me and pick up your award. ;-)

Bridgett said...

Pink. You look good in pink. But show up plastered. Might as well give them their money's worth at the therapy sessions. :)


SarahHub said...

He and Evie are so on the same wavelength. She woke up at 6:30, too. I made her lay still for half an hour. Maybe they can share a therapist.

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