Calgon, take me away

Today's to-do list:

  • Finish this perfectly brewed cup of coffee on the balcony over looking the Gulf.
  • Get dressed and head down to my reserved beach chair.
  • Lay in the sun and capture a perfect glow whilst reading for a couple of hours.
  • Head to the room to shower and dress for a dinner with the family at Lambert's.
  • Take a sunset stroll on the beach with my honey.
  • (you can imagine what would come next)

Snap back to reality.

Today's ACTUAL to-do list:
  • Finish up this cup of coffee with my less than favorite creamer.
  • Get dressed and clean the upstairs followed by a dusting and vacuuming of the downstairs.
  • Schlep the boys to the library to return books and wander the same three shelves so Darrin can finally decide on one book that he'll probably not read in the three week allotted time while Nicholas tries in vain to find a Star Wars movie to check out.
  • Take the same two boys to Game Stop where we can look at all 10,000 titles they have on display only for the older boy to proclaim, "They don't have any good games."
  • Avoid walking into Books-a-Million.
  • Grab lunch at McDonald's or if I am lucky, Sonic because I am lazy like that.
  • Run into the store and attempt to purchase a week's worth of necessities with $40.
  • Make something healthy and chock-full of vitamins to counteract all the junk food they have had in the last two days. (It's Weenie Wagon Weekend.)
  • Study chapter 6 in Astronomy, Chapter 25 in History, Chapter 15 in Music, and read 432 poems for Lit.
  • Be asleep before the husband gets home at 11:30 tonight.


♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Why oh why would you avoid a bookstore?! ::gasp::

Have a good day, girl.


kathi said...

Well, reality bites in this case, I suppose. I wish we both were in your first list. I could use a vaca.
Have a good afternoon!

Rachel said...

I'm with kathi. The first list sounded awesome.

Bridgett said...

I'm with Jenn...why avoid a bookstore?

That's a sacrilege, dahling!



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