How was your day?

I had a yucky kind of day today:

  • Overslept, my own fault. Thankfully Big Daddy forgot his glasses and called me at 7:40. I needed to leave in one hour.
  • Talking about WWII in history. He chose to show us the beginning of Saving Private Ryan. I can't and haven't been able to watch that movie because of the beginning. Didn't walk out of class since I am in fear of my grade.
  • Noticed the beginnings of a migraine, oddly enough, during the movie clip.
  • May be allergy related as I have sneezed no less that 37 times today.
  • Went to my advisor to fix yet another glitch on my account. Whilst we enjoyed some Muzac on speakerphone, he mentioned I might not be able to get into the School of Education due to previous attempts at college that resulted in grades that looked like Dog and Fox, rather than the newly acquired Apples, in spite of the Fresh Start I was granted.
  • Realized I forgot my medicine this morning.
  • Our groups were changed in Astronomy lab. We also got our tests back. I got a 69%. My lowest grade, ev-er. (This time around.)
  • :::choke-sob-sniff:::
You will be glad to know that in three weeks, lectures are over. Finals are May 4 and 6 (for me.) My whining will shift to other areas of my life. Here are some of the upcoming events:

April 9: Lecture at the college.
April 12: Easter. I have yet to decide if I am doing a family dinner.
April 13: Kids return to school. Quiz in history. Drama essay due in Lit.
April 14: Darrin's birthday. Dentist appointment(me).
April 15: Music test.
April 16: Doctor appointment (me)
April 17: Possible trip to Huntsville, Astronomy, for a grade.
April 18: Darrin's b-day party, Great Clean-up for PTK
April 22: History project due, history quiz
April 25: Habitat for Humanity for PTK
April 27: Lit test for A Farewell to Arms (rumor has it that it will be a take home test)
April 29: Jessica's 16th! birthday
April 30: teaching
May 4: Lit final, astronomy final
May 6: History final, music final
May 12: kids' dentist appointment; teaching
any day now until May 28; teaching (my favorite fourth grade class)

Schedule subject to change.

Wow. I guess I better get some sleep....


Fiona said...


I don't know what's going on with the sneezing, but one student actually had to leave class Tuesday because he couldn't stop. And there was a rash of sneezing from other students in both sections. So you're not alone. Here in the lower Ohio Valley/TN area, I think we're all feeling spring in our sinuses.

Grrr, astronomy.

Bridgett said...

Wowza. You're pretty much loaded down for the next couple months.

But then summer will be here! WooHoo!


p.s. Damn astronomy.

Sara said...

I keep sneezing too. Did you give it to me? Can I blame you anyway?!

Do not fret the school of education thing. From what I have always been told is that they look at the MOST RECENT information first. Which is obviously going to speak volumes for you!

And you better get some sleep SOON! Otherwise, you're going to be out of time!

♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Sleep would probably be really good with all that you've got going on.

Good luck hon.

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