With nine, you get whine

Birthday week is drawing to a close.

Did you catch that?

Birthday w-e-e-k.

ItalicYou can't really blame the kid for speading the love for as long as possible. It's more cake. More favorite food. Potential gifts.

Normally, we have the kids' birthdays the weekend before, if it happens to fall in the beginning of the week. This year, with it being Easter weekend (for the third year in a row) we chose to push it to this weekend. I should have seen what was going to happen.

Tuesday (on the actual BIRTHDAY) he requests pancakes for breakfast. I am out of mix, so I make fried eggs, sausage, and cinnamon toast. He would also like to eat at Beef O'Brady's because Big Daddy is going to be home for a change for dinner. Big Daddy is late-we run to Burger King as Mommy had no back up plan. We did not have cake here-he had mini-cupcakes at school.

Wednesday he has requested pancakes for breakfast. Daddy brought home doughnuts, and it is possible that I woke up late, so he happily ate those. We eat at Beef's for dinner.

Thursday, I make his pancakes. He takes this as an omen for a birthday week, apparently.

On Friday, he comes to my room with his buddy and asks if he can go to buddy's house for birthday gala. I say no, that we already have plans-we'll have buddy over another time. Darrin replies, "It's my birthday. I can move it to next weekend."

I think you know my answer to that.

Friday night we go and get groceries. And of course, he is helping me pick out cake, icing, ice cream and stuff for his birthday. I am thinking this birthday business has gotten old. We are leaving store and he says to me, "And tomorrow for my birthday breakfast I would like to have..."

Yeah. Right.

The kids ask if we can stop at Sonic and get some ice cream. I say, "It's up to Daddy." We are about to turn and I need to know his answer so I can get in the correct lane. He says, "Well...it IS Darrin's birthday."

This summer, I am going to say I want to go to the beach. "You know, it was Darrin's birthday in April."

Along with the birthday week, he has seemed to have acquired a slight attitude problem. It was like a switch was turned on in that boy. And lets just say we had a talkin' to this morning, and tonight he seems right as rain. I hope it sticks.

(We all know it won't.)

Ok. Since I wrote that, I have had to talk to him twice for his attitude. Geez.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure....
OOH. Spongebob puzzle!
What time is it?
Video games? Oh my!

Spongebob is my hero.
Techdecks. Yay.
3-D Explosion.
Tiny pieces for mom to vacuum up? Sweet!
Box'o cash
This thing is as big as I am.

Tonight, the neighbor boys are spending the night. Four boys are trying to decide a movie to watch. Every time one makes a suggestion, three say yes, one says no.

I am so over birthday week.


♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Ha! I'd SO be over birthday week if I were in your shoes too! LOL

D said...

Birthday week sounds very awesome. Now can I have some pancakes too?

Paul said...

All I can say is "Oh my!" and "Better you than me!"

Although, I think *I* should have a birthday week this year...

Ms.Emily said...

birthday week sounds awesome!! i'm going to have to try it out, LOLLOL



Rachel said...

Is that a birthday or Christmas? He made out like a bandit!

I like the idea of Birthday Week. I think I'll instate that for my birthday next year.

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