Those who have said that boys are easier than girls did not have boys.

My now 10-year old is on an emotional roller coaster fit for any theme park. For example, last night when he went to bed, he was so mad at me that the ugly thoughts that had to have been going through his head should have killed me in my sleep.

This morning, which is always a delicate balance on any given day, he was singing "Bob The Builder" as we were walking out the door. After he got into bed tonight, I heard him singing, "Elmo's World." Not annoyingly-- just to himself. Sweetly.

Now tomorrow could be a different day because his class and my class are riding the same bus. (Going on a field trip.)

I purposely have kept that information from him.

At any rate this is the last week of school. See you this weekend....

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Bridgett said...

Oh, how I wish this was Parker's last week of school. He goes until June 5.

But, I can honestly say...Parker has been easier for me than Autumn.

Not sure if the autism has anything to do with that or not though. LOL


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