Dog days of summer

As the last couple of weeks of summer wind down, only one thing is for certain:

NOTHING is certain.

It all started last Thursday....

:::Scooby-Doo flash back:::

My mom and dad come by the house to pick up their dog, Tinkerbell. She stayed with us while they had escaped to Ft. Walton. (Lucky ducks)

While they are here, I ask them if they'd watch the boys Friday night while Big Daddy and I attend a wedding. No problem, they will even pick them up early because they have something else to do while they are in Nashville. Mom gets a call and it is announced they are getting a new dog, a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix.

Fast forward three hours....

I go with my mom to meet the lady who now has two dogs; the one intended for her and the one I am supposed to "look at."

(I think you can see where that was going to go.)

Turns out, my mom was really disappointed, her dog wasn't what she wanted. But we took them to keep them from going to the pound. The boys fell in love:

Meet Brownie (Darrin's AKA Mommy's dog):

and Charlie (Nicholas' AKA also Mommy's dog):

Monroe would like everyone to know that he is NOT pleased. Not at all. However, he did accept the offerings from PetSmart today.

From Thursday night on, no day has went as I had planned.

And just this once, I am okay with that.

P.S The pictures are not good--I know. I was lucky I got those two shots. The vet said the likelihood of either dog being part Yorkie is somewhere around 0%. There is a Maury Povich episode for you....

A small, overweight Chihuahua sits on the stage with a low cut top and blue eyeshadow, "I am 130% sure this time Maury. One of these five studs is totally my puppies' daddy." On stage is a Doberman, a German Shepard, a Dalmatian, a bulldog, and a Collie.


Fiona said...

Congrats! Despite the confusion in your life they'll cause, puppies are the greatest. And kudos to you for rescuing them.

Amy said...

heeeee....I love those ears!!!

Bridgett said...

They're so cute!!!

But yea, I have to agree with the vet...I don't see an ounce of Yorkie in those dogs. LOL

Pedigree doesn't matter though...all the love and laughs they'll give you is what really matters.

And if they pee on the floor every so often...hey, an added bonus. LOL

We're still looking for our perfect pup, so be thankful you've found yours! :)

P.S. Okay, the Maury thing cracked me up, btw.

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