If only I were a man

I am completely overwhelmed.

(This could get ugly. Consider yourself warned.)

Sunday everything was fine. Big Daddy was off. I woke up and felt a little off and told him so. I noticed his stature change, mostly to keep me happy I am sure. We spent the whole day working on a couple of projects. It was a nice day.

Monday I woke up determined to get many things done. The housework had fallen behind. It was laundry day. The tables from Sunday needed more paint. I needed to paint a dresser. The dogs need a bath. You know, the usual stuff.


I decided to expand my farm on FarmTown. Then proceeded to plant raspberries which need to be harvested after two hours. The first harvest went well and I replanted.


My cell phone rings. It is the PTO president. I didn't get to the phone in time. Read: I let voice mail get it. After listening to her message, I stop what I am doing to research applying for our tax-exempt status the last three PTO boards failed to do.

There are many documents we need that are not in our possession.

We don't know where said documents are.

The Vice President called the school secretary and demanded the school's tax-exempt number. I find this out when I called the school secretary to see about the aforementioned documents.

School starts next Wednesday. The first full day is August 3rd.

Big Daddy is on vacation again starting Sunday.

Last night around 10pm, I asked Big Daddy to come upstairs and talk to me. We lay down and I say, "I am completely overwhelmed. I can't handle all of this. I am stressed out and school hasn't even started yet, let alone the college classes. I really need some help."

His response?

"Just make a list. Prioritize."

Of course. Why didn't I think of that?


Amy said...

ORRRRRRRRRRRR you could come over, pop open a pint of Ben & Jerry's with me, and we could watch P.S. I Love You 5 times........

Bridgett said...

Okay, I'm joining you and Amy for the ice cream and Gerard Butler. :)

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