I actually wrote out a list yesterday morning. It was quite lengthy, and I just kept breathing and telling myself, "It's just a tool. Not everything has to get nor will it be done today."

The anxiety would not ease up but I plowed on determined to get something accomplished. I was trucking on quite nicely, and stopped chores to pop on Facebook/FarmTown to harvest some grapes.

Then, it happened.

My laptop died.

No warning signs. No bells. No whistles.

She just froze up, looked at me like,"Can't.Do.Any.More," and was gone.

I did an emergency turn off, got it back up to the desktop, and she froze again. She took one last breath and that was it.

I had a great many things on that laptop:

-The Book; I was only about 12 chapters into it.
-iTunes library
-every educational paper I've ever written
-many, MANY pictures that had never been developed into actual photos
-other book ideas I have started
-my favorite short story
-other things my grief and ignorance won't allow me to remember

It's a shame that I wasn't famous already; I could talk about it for the next month and speculate on who sabotaged me as if I was a certain pop singer.

I guess in all fairness, I need to give Big Daddy his props. He had asked me only four or twelve dozen times if I needed anything to back-up my work. Especially my book.

(Ok. I need to say this as well. Not that you all aren't great cheerleaders, but my husband has never been more supportive or positive about anything I want to do than he has on this book idea. He honestly thinks I should write and that someday I will get published. Could be false-hope but it still feels good, you know?)

Every time he would mention it, I would be all, "Yeah. Sure. I'll look. I think it'll fit on my flash drive."

Yes, Honey. You were right. I should have done it when you asked.

It could be a sign....


Amy said...

Our beastly PC crapped out last year. I still have it all hooked up, holding on to the hope that somebody will be able to fix it. Sad, yes?

Sara said...

Can you take it to some computer geek and see if they might be able to pull stuff off the hard drive? I have heard of several people doing that.

Bridgett said...

I just sent you an e-mail, lovey.


Fiona said...

Frequently, even when your computer dies, your harddrive is still full of your stuff. Take it to a shop and see what they can do.

So says the voice of experience. And emphathy.

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