Life in the fast lane

Darrin came in from playing and announced he would like a Wendy's for dinner.

"What would you get from there?" I am expecting him to say, "A Kid's meal," or "Chicken Nuggets."

"A salad."

There's a shocker.

So, I think about my options for a moment:
  • It's already after 6.
  • I haven't slid the mac-n-cheese in the oven yet.
  • They really hate when I serve mac-n-cheese, a vegetable, and fruit for dinner on nights Big Daddy is at work.
  • Yesterday, it was affirmed I would not be getting my Mother of the Year award after all.
  • A frappe sounds good and McD's is next door to Wendy's.

Nicholas wants a salad, but he doesn't know what comes on them. This is starting to turn into drama. I tell him that McD's has (I think) a BLT salad. Drama is avoided for the moment.

Until we pull up at McD's. Why is it the one time I need a moment to look at menu there is NO ONE IN LINE? Any other day and they'd be at least five people deep.

In a panic, I ask what all is on the Bacon Ranch Salad. He responds, sounding quite exasperated, "lettuce, four tomatoes, bacon bits, and cheddar jack cheese."

I am glad he was specific naming the lettuce, because you know, I wouldn't have guessed.

Nicholas gives me a thumbs up, and I order it. The speaker asks if I want crispy or grilled. I ALMOST said, "Crispy or grilled, what?" because those aren't options that correspond with the ingredients we were given. However, I assumed he meant chicken (even though that wasn't given as an option) and ordered crispy.

Three points I need to make here:

  1. I didn't get smart-mouthed because as Monty said in the movie Waiting, "You don't make the people that handle your food mad."

(Totally paraphrasing. He may have been a might bit more colorful in his advice.)

2. When I googled McD's because I couldn't remember the name of the
salad, I saw that there are two versions. One is without the afore-
mentioned chicken. Dude totally duped me.

3. The Shrek glasses at McD's have been recalled due to cadmium.
Shocking, I know.

After, I made the selection for the crispy chicken, Speaker says, "That's $.."

I'm all, "Great, but I am not done."

"Oh. Well, pardon me." Sarcastically, he says.

I ordered three drinks and my frappe and then say, rather nicely I might add, "OK. Now I am done." The whole time I can hear him sighing in the background.

"Again, I apologize. $12 something or another, pull around to the first window." He acts like I am putting him out.

We zip over the Wendy's and get Darrin's salad. She does the same thing--gives me the total directly after I make the order. I mean, there was no, "Would you like a Diet Coke to go with that?" or "How about a frosty this evening?" NOTHING. Just, "$6.54, please pull around."

I guess I am too passive in my ordering. I know they are typing the orders in, so I pause after each item, or sometimes, just take a breath. When I said, "What in the world? Why did she assume I was done? Nicholas said, "You paused."


Watch out fast-food restaurants. The next time I come in to order it will sound like this:

:::takes big breath:: Ineedtwodoublesplainwithcheeseonlyregfrylargedietcokenomakethataspriteakidsmeal

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I always remember that line from Waiting when our servers are horrible. I give lots of slack to them, because I'd rather NOT have the line cooks adding anything "extra" to my food...

Also? I try to avoid the drive thru for those reasons. I always get "okay, so that's blah blah blah, is that all?" Why no, no it is not. Thank you very much. And then they get all huffy like me needing more than just one meal is the worst thing ever.

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