Dream, Dream, Dream...

Day 15 of the blog challenge is about our dreams. Sara and I had the same thought.

Is this about like, life dreams? Or the weird-nobody-would-believe-anyone-could-think-that-kind-of-stuff that happens when I am sleeping?

I think my life dreams I have pretty much reiterated every other blog entry. You know what I want to be when I grow up.

Now, when I am sleeping? That is a whole 'nother ball of wax. The stuff I dream at night is unreal. But yet, so real that it can totally affect my mood for the day.

I usually remember them. If I don't, something will trigger my memory, and it'll come to me at random times. Not a deja-vu feeling. I know that it was a dream.

My husband swears that I have the strangest dreams of anyone he knows. That's one reason I can't sleep all night with the TV on. Whatever is on TV will affect my dreams and ultimately affect the next day.

Strange, I know.

I was trying to think of an example of something weird, like last night's, but of course I've got nothing.

SO, to give you an example, here is a dream I posted originally June 12, 2008:

I was having this dream before I woke that I remarried. The man that I married was much older than me and morphed between my father-in-law and this other man I used to know. I had moved some stuff into "his" house and rearranged everything neatly. We got married at the courthouse and "he" went off to get back to work in the fields. (Apparently he was a farmer.) I left to go bowling with the boys and was thinking how exciting my new life was going to be. Then my "daughter-in-law" came in and got me--we left the kids for some reason--she had two boys, and there was a girl there as well--because I had to get home and get ready for a party. My new "husband" was in this really old short bed truck and drove me home. We get home and I go to the bathroom then I can't find the toilet paper. "He" comes in and starts talking and talking about how the beds weren't made properly (I didn't make them) and how the boys better do this that and the other. Not in a bossy way, but in a tone that was to let me know he would be in charge. Other people come into this bathroom and are talking. This must have been a big room. I remember an Adirondack chair that my "stepson" was sitting in. I am still sitting on the toilet because of this audience, and I start thinking I have made a mistake. I am thinking that I miss Big Daddy and can't remember why weren't married anymore. Then it hits me that I don't have my laptop and iPod and perhaps I can see...OH SNAP! We aren't divorced! I say out loud to my new "husband" that I am still married and he replies that it can be fixed; we will remain married.

And this would be an example of a "normal" dream.

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...


Just wow.

(I'm pretending to be surprised. I'm not. I dream like that too. Also? If the tv is on when I sleep, it effects my dreams too. Again. Not surprised.)

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