Every Rose Has A Thorn

Today is Day 12 of the blog challenge. However, I am skipping ahead to Day 13. Tomorrow, I will back-track

So, Day 13 is about my week.

In a nutshell:

It has been long. Which I didn't realize until today. I came back from taking the boys to school, stretched out on my bed to finish a chapter of my book and woke up at 2:00.

That would be PM.

I guess I was tired.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a rundown of my week, noting the good, then the bad.

Here are my Roses for the week thus far, in no particular order:
  1. Getting to meet up with Kathi last night for dinner because she was in town for work. Then we browsed in WalMart and THREE book stores. Good times.
  2. Um. Hello? THREE bookstores. Six books bought. (Shh..it's a secret.)
  3. Saving $81.26 on groceries yesterday. Bought $203.36 worth for only $122.10.
  4. The boys coming home HAPPY everyday from school.
  5. Nicholas getting into the percussion section like he wanted.
  6. Starting our gluten-free lifestyle.
  7. Big Daddy telling me that he starts his vacation next Tuesday.
  8. Finding six bucks in my wallet folded in a receipt.
  9. Having a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino yesterday.
  10. Steven Slater. Seriously, he is my hero. The customer is NOT always right.

  1. Just realizing that the Kroger cashier forgot to give me credit for my reusable bags. Again.
  2. The crappy treatment I got at Publix after a three-way conversation over my coupon.
  3. The humidity. Seriously. I'd rather be cold than hot.
  4. Having to drive all the way to town to the library. And that was the only stop I needed to make. Then because all the parking on the street was full, I had to park behind the building and huff it all the way up the hill. Did I mention it's hot in these parts?
  5. Starting our gluten-free lifestyle. If I hear one more complaint of being hungry, I am going to snap.
  6. Having to punish the boys every night this week for poor attitude, smart mouths, and back-talking. (Except for Wednesday. I was out and about!!)
  7. Big Daddy worked a double on Sunday and will again tomorrow.
  8. Being behind on the housework and writing.
  9. Digestive issues after having the Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino. Thoughts of "lactose sensitivity" danced in my head.
  10. Still behind on reading (and commenting) on your blogs.
How's your week going?


Kathi said...

OK..lets see if I can comment...

I sooooo loved hanging out with you last night! Thanks again for dinner and carting me to Walmart and those lovely smelly bookstores. :)
I can't wait to start reading tomorrow!
Love ya!

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

This makes me tired. You should take a nap for me today!

Fiona said...

Seriously! You're productive.

Our week is ok, except that Iain has gotten rather cranky. He's 2, and I hear that's a rough age. All I know is that the word "no" has become a catch-all around here.

Dominating Influences said...

Gluten free gets easier and if you're sensitive to it, well worth the effort! I don't miss the brain fog at all!

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