The Early Bird Might Get The Worm, But She'll Still Be Grumpy About It

So, for Day 10 Sara wants to know:

"How was your day?"

Well, I am sure at the end of this you'll be sorry you asked, Sara. And I can assure you it's not retaliation for the getting John Mellencamp's song stuck in your head.

I could NOT sleep Friday night/Saturday morning. At least, not a deep restful sleep. Tossed and turned. Turned and tossed. Dreamed about grammar ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

And Tim Gunn. But that's a story for another day.

At 6:30 I tried to slip quietly out of the bed and make a quick trip to the potty without alerting the dogs of my awakeness. I was going to attempt to lay/lie down a bit longer. For some reason other than sleep, obviously.

They were not fooled.

I headed downstairs and enjoyed approximately fifteen minutes and three sips of coffee before the troops started to awaken and wish for things like breakfast.

Um, hello? It's SATURDAY. Otherwise known as, "My Day Off."

Today is Big Daddy's last day of vacation. However, being he is the main dog in charge, he needed to go in for a "few minutes."

At work. Not here, people. Let's be real.

I was dressed in my housecleaning clothes and had already gotten started. He finished getting ready to go and THEN asked me to go with him.

(Censored for content)

He did offer a Diet Coke as my reward. As if I could be bought so cheaply.

I took a book to read while he did these vital tasks that apparently only he and the president of some third world country have the codes to open the necessary forms on the computer. He assured me he would be out in twenty minutes.

Forty-five minutes later, he comes out and...

(censored for content)

To make a LONG story short:

  • I am tired.
  • I am ready for him to go back to work TOMORROW.
  • I am grumpy.
  • I did not buy any chocolate while we were out.
  • I am glad tomorrow is Sunday.
  • In one week, they will all be home. Every. Day.
  • I am looking for alternate accommodations for the dates of October 3-10. It's either them or me.
  • I really do love them. But it is time for some absence so my heart can grow fonder.

Sorry. But you asked. Or didn't.



Kathi said...

You definitely need sleep, chocolate and caffeine!

And, why in a week will they all be home? I'm confused!

Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Ewwww. Fall break for the lose.

You deserve two naps today. And all the Diet Coke you want.

I said so.

Jane said...

If you find yourself in need of alternate accomodations for fall break, just let me know. It's rather peaceful at my house house these days. Of course, I'll be on fall break, too, so you have to deal with me. May or may not be better than your crew at home. :-)

PS...Just so you are not confused, I'm Jane now on google (and in real life, obviously), not "Me."

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