Easter Egg Hunt: Tip for Varied Age Groups

Easter eggs
He is smiling now. If he only knew his intended fate.
Not having googled this myself, it is possible that I am not the only one that has thought of this idea when it comes to an Easter Egg Hunt. This year, we  had an age range of hunters from twelve to five. A total of five kids. To make the egg hunt more fair, I bought each child a dozen eggs in a specific pattern.

I also found a pack that were kind of tie-dye and a pack of just footballs.

When I hid the eggs, I hid the ones for the older kids a bit harder than the ones for the little kids. It actually turned out to be the best egg hunt we ever had. If any child found an egg that belonged to another, they kept it quiet. There was no racing. No tears. No one whining that it wasn't fair.

If I had it to do over again, I would do it exactly the same with one minor modification:

Trying to find a green leopard spotted egg in the grass isn't as easy as one may think. Next year, I'll draw a map.

However, it was all worth it when the lost egg was finally found. My nephew had called out twice that he had found the last egg that belonged to his sister (the leopard print). By that time he really found it, no one believed him. My sister-in-law said, "No one believed you because you were like Little Boy Blue."

"Um. Little Boy Blue was asleep under the haystack. Don't you mean 'The Boy That Cried Wolf'?"

"No. We were looking for an egg. Not a wolf."

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Glosmommy said...

GREAT idea!!!

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