How NOT to Get What You Want: Stream of Consciousness Sunday

This week's SOC came about from a miscommunication between the Husband and me. If you have an idea  on a inexpensive cabinet makeover, this is how you should NOT react to it.

Tomorrow everyone goes back to the normal routine. Which includes me getting up at 5:00. In the AM. Not my favorite time of day. Better get the big coffee pot down.

I always feel a little let down at teh end of a vacation. I dread it yet have big plans. And in the end I don't accomplish half or even a quarter of what I had planned. All in all, it was a nice two weeks. The last week with Big Daddy was nice. Of course, I had to BLOW the whole thing today when I broke his  little man heart with his project in the kitchen. I shouldn't have told him that I didn't like the new cabinet set up. But it was the truth and not what I wanted or asked for. I think next time he'll let me explain myself and my choices before cutting me off. Yeah yeah yeah.

Tomorrow I go back to work with my client. I love the work but some things are going to have to change. I highly doubt that will happen. It's one of those "Be careful what you ask for..." moments.

Kinda like my now jacked-up pan cabinet.


This Stream of Consciousness post has been brought to you by the letters B and D and is hosted by our traveling hostess, Fadra.

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FadraN said...

Oh yes. You need to be very specific. My husband is quite the handyman and we have our roles all figured out. I design. I sketch, I pick out color and design. He builds. I assist. That way it all works out just fine and nobody gets hurt.

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