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Big Daddy and I have been married for twelve years. We've been together for fourteen. 

Are we happy? Absolutely.
Has every day been sparkles and sunshine? Hardly. 
It may seem like we have a near-perfect marriage. It's not a secret that he is my biggest fan. Supportive, loving, and understanding don't even come close to describing the awesomeness that is Big Daddy. However, he does have his flaws and if I were being completely honest, I may have one or two myself. 
 Behind closed doors, we have issues that I don't share either here, Twitter, Facebook,  the PTA meeting (if i actually went to one) or even through email. While they may not be significant to some people or even grounds for a divorce, these issues continue to haunt me. 
Enter: twoofus.org. As soon as I landed on the site, I felt as if I had come home. Immediately, I gathered the sense that 1) we are not alone in our personal struggles, and 2) I had finally found a place to help us work through the aforementioned (although vague) issues. As I continued to browse, I fell in love with the navigation bar. All of the information has been ingeniously broken up into relevant categories. You know how much I love some organization. But twoofus.org has even brought it one further; there is a separate tab for parents. As many of you could attest to, being married is not the same as being married with kids.
I watched this video by Hill Harper and found myself cheering and thanking him for  saying what I've been saying all along: it's not about the questions that are being asked, it's the information that is being shared. Having a conversation party as described by Mr. Harper would be a great and non-threatening way to understand what the other is thinking without any one feeling judged or singled out. 
It would take many pages to describe all the valuable information I found on twoofus.org, so you are going to have to check it out for yourself. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, it would be well worth your time to bookmark the site and do some studying. 
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 
What kind of questions do you have about your relationship? You can leave your questions in the comments. With my disqus, we can have thread for each question. As Mr. Harper proclaims, sharing is helpful. 
I'll even be brave and ask one of mine:
Why do I have to get down right nasty before he'll take some initiative and clean-up after himself? The boys are already starting to learn this "male" behavior. Isn't it disrespectful to me?
Okay, your turn.  Then visit twoofus.org and like them on facebook.

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