How to Balance Life When Working from Home

Last night, I sat at the dining room table working on connecting my laptop wirelessly to the printer.

(Is wirelessly a word?)

It got to be about 9:30 or so and I realized there were no sounds coming from the living room. I had sent the boys to bed about thirty minutes prior, but I thought Big Daddy was laying on the couch reading his book.

After gathering up my laptop, all its accouterments and my cell phone, I turned off the lights, locked the doors and headed up to our bedroom where Big Daddy had apparently snuck off to.

Only, he was asleep.

As quietly as I could, I slid in the room, plugged in all my essential elements and attempted to get in my side of the bed. He woke up. I was going to work for a while so I had my laptop with me.

I say to him, "I feel neglected lately."

He looks at me accusingly and says, "That's weird. I don't have a laptop and an iPhone."


While his tone was light and playful, the meaning behind the words didn't change. I put everything down and asked him if perhaps we should come up with some kind of rules.

We didn't get very far because he never answered me and eventually just went back to sleep.

Now I am at a loss. There is no way that I can be done working by the time he gets home from work. Yesterday, he walked in the door, much to my surprise, at 3:00. Today, I am feeling completely overwhelmed because on top of my work stuff, other things need to be done as well. Like grocery shopping. With coupons.

There is no way I'll be done by the time he gets home at 5:00 today.

How do you balance it all? Is sleep overrated? Is there some essential element that I am missing?


Cecilyk said...

It is SO tough to do the work-at-home thing. I'm grateful that I go into an office a few days a week just so I can concentrate!

I do have one rule, though: I don't bring any electronics to bed. No laptops, no phone, nothing. If I'm in bed it's just us, or a good book. I need SOME time offline each day.

Also? I find sometimes some stuff has to slide. My house DESPERATELY needs to be straightened up and cleaned. Not gonna happen today. My husband works from home too so we're doubly challenged in that way.

I think that the biggest thing is that you HAVE to have a time that's quitting time each day or else you will make yourself crazy. You must be off at some point, you know?

Good luck, honey!

Rajean said...

Well, I fear I can't be of too much help because it's as if you have a peeping tom hole into my home. A few nights ago my hubby and I sat in our bed with our netbooks on our laps. We finally looked at each other and said, these plug-ins have to go. So I'm with Cicily on that, no electronics in bed. Choose what's most important each day and try to get that done. Let go of the other stuff for another day. We will never feel as if we get it all completed. Because when we do, we think of new things! Chin up, doll.

shellthings said...

I've been struggling with this lately. I need a balance. It's so hard to separate it all when you work from home!

Nanette ~ A Mom Blog said...

I can relate to your post so much. I don't take electronics to bed but I just feel like everything else is getting neglected (i.e. kids, hubby, cleaning, laundry and the list goes on).  Working from home is tough for me too as much as I need  it sometimes I just want to unplug like life used to be.

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