How to Write a Product Review

We are currently shopping for a new appliance for our home. While it probably doesn't need to be stated out loud, we have limited funds to put towards said appliance, so I have been going nuts thoroughly doing my part with all the researching and reading reviews and what-have-you.

I love reading reviews. I have written a few myself.  And because I know that companies will pay writers* to write a review for a product that they never actually touched, I don't place all my faith on every review. For the most part, I believe that there is some value to had. How can there not be when I found this review for an air conditioner?

NW Florida in July. upper 70 at night Low 90s day.
 Pros - easy to install * with 2+ rolls of Duct Tape* Just break the flimsy tabs off the tube they will not last The Exhaust tube gets Hot and can be used as a Heater in the Winter.The Wheels make it easier to move 70 pounds to direct the air flow Never worry about a Lost remote as you will run it at lowest temp 24/7Has water condensation to feed pet sugar ants.Covers up the SWAT Helicopter noise next door. If this baby came with Asbestos Gloves to touch the exhaust vent,Some Industrial grade Hearing protectors Duct Tape and spare cardboard to direct the air flow and any other size/brand of air conditioner, I would love it even more

Now, THIS is how to write a product review. My new mission? To find this person. I am not even stressing over the grammar errors.

*Companies do  pay writers (and I use the word pay loosely) to write positive reviews. I have even seen instances of writing poor reviews to lower an overall score. I have been asked to do so in the past and promptly declined. I would encourage anyone else to do the same. It's so not worth it. 


Shana said...

LOL now that is hilarious.

Cher said...

Love it!

Astacia Carter said...

The random capitalized words are making me dizzy!

rajean said...

Good thing this is a review and not an ad on Craig's list. That duct-taped puppy would still be for sale :-) Funny find, Heather!

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