Things They Don't Tell You: When the Oldest Child Leaves the Nest

Break My Heart

Jessica has been gone for exactly one week to boot camp.

I had this long post typed out about all about the emotions that I was/had been dealing with. About how I was feeling better. I even had squeezed in some time to picnik the pictures that I am *just now* able to look at. The ones that I took last Monday and Tuesday.


While I was out tonight, she called. For whatever reason, she had five minutes of phone time to make a call. (It just occurred to me that is what happens to folks in jail: one call and five minutes.) 
I was sent a text* telling me she had called. I immediately burst into tears.

And with all the progress I had made over the last week, I am back at square one.

This is not what I signed up for.

*She called home. Her home. My mom's house. 

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