Post Wrap Wrap-Up: 2011

Another holiday worried and fretted over has come to a close.


  • Nicholas, who wakes up at ungodly hours on Christmas morning, came down stairs and saw nothing [extra] under tree. Opened a rolled paper tucked in stocking thinking it could be a note from Santa. It wasn't. I may have cemented any lingering doubts of Santa's existence. 
  • Fibromyalgia flair brought on by lack of sleep and stress. 
  • Realized after-the-fact that a present was still in wrapping paper box, which had already been put in attic. 
  • Dinner was over an hour late.

  • We were together.
  • By wrapping XBox, Kinect, all games, and controllers into one box with both boys' names, no one has argued on who owns what. [Yet]
  • Dinner was delicious even though I forgot the baked apples.
  • Jessica is home.

How was your holiday?

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