Friday Night Quickie

  • I've still been feeling yucky. Not worse, but definitely not getting better. I am not even sure what "normal" feels like anymore. 
  • Kids went back to school on Thursday, which meant I was back to babysitting. He turned nine months old today. He is on the move. 
  • Big Daddy has also been on vacation. It's a shame I couldn't give him a beach front condo, chair in the sand, and a cold drink in his hand. 
  • If you aren't, follow me on Twitter: @coolandhip. I've tweeted a stack of posts this week. 
  • Check it out: About.me/HeatherClift
What are you up to? What I have I missed? 

1 comment:

AutismWonderland said...

Hope you feel better soon!  
I would love a vacation, a beach front condo sounds lovely right now.   

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