Review: Tide Coldwater Laundry Detergent


SheSpeaks asked me if I'd like to review Tide Coldwater. I always loved Tide, so it for me it was a win-win.

In the leaftlet I was given with my sample bottle, a couple facts about the Coldwater formula jumped out at me:

  • Tide Coldwater removes more stains than the leading detergent does in cold
  • By switching to washing clothes in cold water, you should be able to save on the electric/gas bill.
Recently, I heard that the standard top-loading washing machine puts out anywhere between 20- 30 gallons of water during a normal cycle. It doesn't take a calculator to see the amount of savings that could add up by switching to a coldwater formula detergent. 

Without further ado ( and yes, I am totally stalling) here is my review of Tide Coldwater:

Bottom line:

  • I liked the coldwater formula. I felt like I was doing something good for both my budget and the environment.
  • It worked just as well with warm water, which was an accidental find. 
  • I would continue to buy the coldwater formula.
  • P&G always have coupons available, making Tide an affordable option.
What is your favorite laundry detergent? Would you ever switch if it meant you'd save money in the long run?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSpeaks and Procter and Gamble. While I did receive a bottle of Tide Coldwater and compensation for my time, all opinions are my own. I Blog With Integrity.

1 comment:

Amy said...

My favorite is....Gain.  That smell is like crack.

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