Day late and dollar short

As I casually finished off the few peanut butter MMs broccoli, I noticed "Find the characters together" and "$100,000" on the front of the bag.

Not actual size
Never one to flirt with the notion I could already be a winner, I took a peek inside. And there they sat, the M&M characters, laughing and having a merry old time. Above their jovial heads, the word "CONGRULATIONS" literally knocked me off my couch treadmill.

I put on my glasses and turned on a light to read the fine print [read: used the flashlight app on my iPhone]:

"Yay! You've reunited the characters! You may be a winner."

I was confused because although no purchase was necessary, I had purchased this bag of candy broccoli so that, in effect, may make me a winner.

Reading on, I am getting excited. Never once in my life, had I ever won a game of chance such as this. As a matter of fact, several years ago, I opened a 20 oz beverage, and the cap underneath read, "Sorry loser." Hand to heart, I couldn't make that up. No comma to differentiate. Just a a cold smack to the ego.

So imagine my excitement at potentially winning $100,000? A shopping list debt-elimination strategy was already building in my head.

Still, the pessimist side of me took over and I dug deep in to the fine print. And, as per usual, it was there that I found out that I would not becoming a hundredaire tonight:

"Contest ends on 9/30/11."

*No out-of-date candy, vegetable, or otherwise was consumed in the making of this blog post. 


Amy said...

was there profanity?  Please say yes.

Heather said...

Oh yes. There was profanity. 

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