The Most Expensive Room in the House

It all started out innocently.

Six Months Ago

I enter the downstairs half bath and notice a musty smell. Don't think much about it, it had been raining after all and the dryer is running.

Later notice something odd inside the cabinet, and upon taking out bucket holding cleaning supplies, notice the damp boards and mold.

Attempt to convince Husband that black mold has invaded entire house and ask him to investigate further.

He makes a hole the size of pencil eraser and combined with his xray vision, deems nothing is wrong, just some child foul-play at work.

Commence with Operation Bleach-It-All.

Two months

Enter downstairs half bath and notice a musty smell. Become overwhelmed with Déjà vu. Open cabinet to discover mold covering everything.

Beg, plead, and make promises to husband to actually find out what is causing the dampness.

Leave for work.

Come home to this:

The verdict? A cracked pipe (heh. no pun intended) had been leaking. For a long time. Possibly longer than three months. 

To be continued....

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