I am sure you can tell from the looks of things, I am new.

Not new to blogging, per se, but to the whole blogger/typepad/wordpress sort of thing.

Where I come from, which I will not mention in this area, is sort of like a starter house. It's small neat and tidy, and because you live close to mom and dad, they can help you with things speedy quick.

But the last year or so, I have become sort of tuned into the idea of moving into a new house. A bigger house with a pool and cool fort thing in the backyard.

So, here I am.

I will keep the old place going. Probably sublet it for a while. You know how it is. You never forget your first place; so, many memories live there.

Well, this place is much roomier than the other. That's why my walls are so bare. Give me time--I know how I will fill them and hopefully avoid getting scuff marks on the wall.

Welcome to my life.

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