I am slowing getting some things on the walls here. I am so technologically declined. Of course, I am swarming myself with new! fun! cool! toys this week.


Mostly this tiny little blog will be about the family. Or my observations of others. Or something I read. Or any combination of the above.

Just so it is known right now, I am not always grammatically correct nor will all words be spelled correctly. There may also be a mis-use of commas. I do apologize if this is a problem for anyone.

Now, my I introduce to you, my cast of characters:

Big Daddy- My husband told me many years ago, when I started journaling online, that he wished to remain "a mystery." This includes his actual name, place of work, social security number, and hometown. Just playing with the kids once, I referred to myself as 'Big Mama';thus the name Big Daddy was born. His name fits. He is 6'2" , is bald (by choice), and looks like a linebacker for the Titans. He works very hard (at his job) and loves me for reasons I can't fathom. The children adore him.

Jessica- The fifteen- year old. She plays the snare in her High School band and is in Beta Club. She just got her permit which happens to be strangely connected to a new patch of grey I have discovered. I probably won't talk about her much for several reasons. Number one being, she is 15. She, too, wishes to remain anonymous. If one of her friends googled something and ended up here...well, you can see the problem there. Just let it be known, she is a dream. I love everything about her. She is everything I wasn't, and this is a good thing.

Nicholas- The nine-year old. This kid is so smart that it actually scares me a little bit. Not that I would want him to know. He is my little blue-eyed, blonde-haired, tough boy with the sensitive interior. His current obsession is Star Wars. I am not sure how I feel about this yet.

Darrin- The eight-year old. Oh my. This little boy is going to break many-a-heart one day. He is funny, sensitive, and a giver. He loves to do things for other people. His current obsession is whatever Nicholas is doing, but he prefers Harleys and dogs.

Monroe- He is our one-year old, puff- of- everything, feline. He adopted us last year and except for an unexpected (on his part) trip to the vet for the special surgery, seems to like living here. He thinks he is the boss and we are here merely for his entertainment and refilling of the kibble. He just recently reached an all time low of laziness. He was laying on the floor eating, (yes you read that correctly) when he noticed he couldn't reach anymore. He took his paw, pulled the bowl down a bit, the food shifted, and he grabbed a bite and let it go. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

There could be walk-on roles from time to time, but these are the main characters of my life.

They are my everything.

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