For some reason, I am having a hard time coming back to write here.

I continually go back to my old place. It is comfortable; only those I have carefully chosen allowed to share my feelings and thoughts.

For a couple of days--maybe a week--I was trying to figure out what my motives were. In the beginning, the whole reason I wanted to start this blog was to write for the masses. I was tired of being private and wanted to let it all hang out, so to speak, of course.

Then for a while, I got the wild hair that maybe I could make a bit of money just by simply blogging. I am not so naive that I thought I could make a mortgage payment, but perhaps I could generate enough traffic to have a bit of mad money.

That doesn't look like a viable option at this point. ;)

This past week, a trio of ladies, all of whom I have been reading for quite sometime, just returned from a conference about blogging. (I would LOVE to be close to their league!) One of them spoke of being pure, true, and consistent. Then there is the ever scary prospect of...

getting traffic.

::cue Psycho music::

So, that turned me off for a couple of days.

But, in retrospect, I have decided; I am ready to be exposed. I don't want to lie in quiet anymore. Some of the BEST people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, I met through blogging. As much as I LOVE writing for an audience, (and the wonderful comments/friendships that come with that) I am writing for me; for my love of the words.

Even if my grammar and punctuation is (are?) somewhat lacking.

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