Today, I had to go grocery shopping.

Those of you that already know me, know that I hate shopping. It's not so much the shopping that I hate as it is driving, other people, and trying to make the most of $1.

Nicholas had his bi-yearly wellness exam today. (All is good. Very heathly. NO varicella vaccine. Whoot!) Big Daddy is off today and had planned to stay home to mow the weeds, er, grass. At the last minute he decided to come with us.

After one stop, we decided to eat lunch at O'Charley's. This is where the day went down hill.


The reason I had picked the O is I wanted a big salad. I saw a California salad that probably was teeming with calories but looked so refreshing. I was FAMISHED.

Sometime close to dinnertime, our food finally comes out, and we are all happily munching on our choosen plates. The lettuces in my salad were cut a tad on the large side, so I am kind of eating one piece at a time. I work this one light colored piece up, and I am just about to fold it with the fork when something strange catches my eye. Taking a second look, it is...

...a ladyBUG.


Hold it.

Don't throw up.



Big Daddy looks at me and says, "What is ..OH. They are taking that back!"

The server is behind us getting an order. Once she is done, he gets her attention, and she is all grossed out now. She says, "We'll get you a fresh one..." I am still holding my napkin to my mouth to keep from hurling. He takes one look at me and says, "Please. Don't bring her anything else."

All I kept thinking is that I may have already eaten one, and I am NOT a host of some survival show.

About the time I get my digestive track calmed down, the manager comes over to assure us the meal would be taken care of (ya think?) and that it may have happened because because the lettuce is brought in fresh. Now, I was ok when I thought they just opened some sacks--they probably don't rinse anything--but to know it was fresh. Ick.

I am sure things happen from time to time, but still. Ick. I was already grossed out when my tea arrived WITH THE LEMON FLOATING IN IT. This is a HUGE problem for me. One, I don't like lemon in my tea. Second, one of the major sources of e-coli and other unmentionables in restuarants was found in the lemon slices.


Yeah. I am one of those people.

At this point, you would think I would have some catching ending and that would be the end of my tale, wouldn't you?

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion....

1 comment:

Groovy Noodles said...

UH! You're leaving me hanging????

Yes yes, I will be back tomorrow. ;)

Love the new digs and love you!!

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