Maybe she is just odd, afterall

In keeping with my odd day theme I seemingly have going on, I suppose that means that it's time to post again.

:::checks the date:::

I don't mean to sound whiny--well, maybe a little-- but I think my lack of entries is directly correlated to my lack of reception.

It almost feels like high school again.

::shudders at the thought::

Nah, that's not fair. I have several entries going on, but they are for different days. Then, BooMama posed an AWESOME question today and that bounced major ideas out. Which, of course, would need photo accompaniment. So yet, another entry pushed for later this weekend.

{ I am NOT blaming BooMama for needing to push my entry up--it's my lack of organization of my photos from that time period.}

I suppose my question is this:

Is it something I am putting out there? Is there a reason folks aren't coming back? I'll be the first to admit my blog needs a bit of work. More personalizing, or something. I just need one of these blogoddess' to take me under her wing.

I am just a girl, writing a blog, wishing for someone to read her.

That is all.


1 comment:

Courtney said...

I just finally figured out you'd moved. How terrible is that? I will be back much more frequently now that I can directly to it. The whole typing-in-my-password thing made me lazy. :)

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