'Cause I am leaving...

No. No.

Just singing.

Kelsy of My Sweet Life, is hosting a blog train. It is such an awesome idea! I love finding new folks.

And comments. I *heart* comments. I need a kicky button that says that.


I mis-read something, and I turned in the wrong assignment. For those who are new to my blog, here are a few things about me:

1. I live in Tennessee. I grew up in Indiana.Big Daddy (my husband) and I have been married for 9 years. He grew up in Ohio. He moved here from Florida. It was meant to be. (See entry below this...)

2. We have three kids: 15 (girl), 9 (boy), 8 (boy)

3. I am currently a substitute (guest!) teacher. I also attend school to become a fully licenced teacher. I LOVE being in/at/talking about school things.

4. If Big Daddy would do it, I would move to Florida tomorrow. I would rather be at the beach than anywhere.

5. I do not like uneven numbers. Symmetry is my BFF.

6. I am not a good speller. (YAY for spellcheck.) Although, I try hard on grammar, it is rare that I will post without a mistake. But, i can spot other people's errors like a paid proofer.

7. I will think of 14 other way funnier things after I hit "publish post."

8. Once, I got to audition for "Wheel of Fortune."

9. Ralphie May called me beautiful.

10. The rest is bloggy fodder....

I hope you'll be back again!


Kelsey S said...

I am so with you on 7! It takes me days to post something haha


Amanda said...

Were we supposed to post about ourselves? Ooops! I'll have to do that now. I also think of great things after I hit publish. I can spell, just not type so well some days. I'm glad Firefox underlines those words in red for me like a teacher. LOL

looksgoodinpolkadots said...

I so didn't post about myself. Was that part of the assignment? Oops. Hey... I've got an ABOUT me page... doesn't that count?


marigold said...

LOL, I heart comments too! I LOVE Tennessee! And North Carolina. And Virginia. And anywhere that has a beach!

Do you think it's ironic that you don't find yourself a good speller yet you auditioned for Wheel of Fortune? I think it's awesome!

Wheel of Fortune is where I realized the phrase was "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" instead of what I thought: "Nobody does it like Sara Lee!" The double negative is like fingernails to a chalkboard!

SarahHub said...

I'm with you on the beach thing. L-O-V-E it!

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