In the beginning...

Chapter 2

Chapter 1 begins here.

I didn't let him know that night that I was the one on the other end of the phone. I was so scared that either: a) he would be mortified, or b) he'd reject me. Neither option was one that I was ready for.

A couple of days later, I was coming back from dropping my girl off at my parent's house. As I was passing this laundry mat, I noticed his truck out front. Something inside me snapped. The next thing I knew, I was at the house (which was right around the corner) touching up make-up, fluffing hair, and changing shirts. I raced back just sure that he was gone. I decided to do a drive- by and see what his status was. I had to go up to the light to get into the shopping center. The way everything was laid out, I had to drive up to the strip mall. In front of the Piggly-Wiggly, which is the corner shop, there is a stop sign. I stop (of course) and am looking to the left because that is where I was heading. As I look to the right to make sure traffic is clear, he comes out of the store holding up the paper--reading and walking.

I nearly hyperventilated.

Not thinking clearly (due to lack of oxygen, no doubt) I turned right. Quickly. There is nothing out that way so I am not sure what I thought I would accomplished. The road ended after a couple of miles, so I turned around trying to decide what to do next. My confidence was waining, and I wasn't sure if I could follow through with my plan, which ironically, I didn't actually have to begin with.

What I am sure now was the hands of fate, my car turned and I parked on the other side of the laundry mat. He was sitting in his truck reading the paper. I could see him through the windows that ran along the front and side of the building.

Now in hindsight, having a basket of laundry would have been a more subtle approach in this situation, but I think we have established I was more about spontaneity at that time.

I walked around to the other side of the building--he had noticed me by then--and casually stroll up to his truck, you know, all nonchalant.

So, we go through all the usual pleasantries. Somehow it comes out about the phone call. I admit that it was me. He says, "I was hoping it was you."

:::chorus of angels:::

I am beside myself with joy on the inside, but cool and crisp on the outside. I just happened to know that he had the weekend off and was using telepathy to get him to ask me out. Then my mouth overloaded my brain. "What are you doin' this weekend?"

"Oh. I am leaving in a few hours. I am going to Ohio. I'll be back Sunday night."


I leave after a bit, and head back home, with defeat in my heart but uplifted because it was true. He really did like me.

This was late July. For the next few weeks, things were clean and innocent. All contact was made by phone. No one knew anything. Then, the wind shifted. I was manipulated to a point that almost cost us everything.

To be continued..

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