Probably more than you wanted to know

During the pre-op phone interview last night, I was told that I needed to come into the hospital to have some blood drawn; go to the ground floor, the lab is on the left.

This morning I get to the Lab. The lady sitting at the desk couldn't have been more cold to me. And I am pretty sure that she was playing solitaire--not looking up my order. She makes a call, rolls her eyes a few times and tells me that I need to go back upstairs to Day Surgery.

At Day Surgery, she informs me that I was in fact, in the correct location downstairs. She calls someone, some harsh, but yet hushed, words were spoken. I am told to wait--someone will take me where I need to go.

While I am sitting, a very nice lady asks me to watch her bags. As soon as she turns the corner, I am called back.

The new nurse gives me some directions for tonight, answers some questions, and tells me to go down to the ground floor to the lab. If I have any problem, let them know Veronica sent me. She says this very authoritative- like.

In the lab (again), they get very testy. There must be a tiff between floors. No one has heard of Veronica. (Of course, I made it all up!) I got my one, lowly tube of blood taken and scored two coupons for free lunch.

At the mall:

A lady at a nail (?) kiosk wants to show me something AMAZING. She proceeds to buff one nail until it is shiny. The amazing kit will cost me $49.99. No thank-you. Ok, I will let you buy-one get-one. No, really. Thank-you. Ok, because I am the "manny-jer", I can offer one for half price. Seriously. No. I can't. Okthankyouhaveaniceday.

My nail feels weird now...

A guy at the T-Mobil kiosk wants to know what cell phone service I have. He then wants to know how much I pay. After I convince him that he can't beat my deal, he is shocked. Impressed even. Then he says, "Well, I probably can't save you any money, but I can satisfy you." (!!)

He was cute though.

Everywhere I went, people would look at me, then up and down. I am not sure what that was about.

I pass the T-Mobile kiosk again. Trying to walk quickly, and make eye contact with no one, ANOTHER guy wants to give me something. I say, "No thanks. I already talked to that guy," pointing to Mr. Satisfaction. He asked, "What did he say?" I laugh and say, "That he could satisfy me."

The lady walking behind me busted out laughing, and I kept walking.


When I got home, there was a message from the hospital, asking me to call them back; she had some information about the insurance. She called me back (she was out when I called) and informed me that the insurance would cover the facility at 80%, and I would be responsible for the 20% which will come to, $381.70. The reason for her telling me this?

It needs to be paid tomorrow.


The CD player in my car has decided to quit working. This makes me oh-so-sad.

In other exciting news:

Jenna tagged me to tell 7 things about myself. I love these things....

1. Somewhere around 6 years ago, I worked for Olan Mills. A picture I submitted for recognition won and was one picked to be hung at the home office in Chattanooga. A district manager from Atlanta told me she saw it, and it was hanging next to the president's office. (I'll have to upload a picture soon.)

2. An essay I wrote was selected for publication in our school's literary magazine. It is about autism taken from the view point of a 5 year old.

3. I can (and have) driven myself to the mall, grocery store, whatever, but have never "traveled" by myself.

4. Skittles ( my favorite candy!) has to be grouped by color, then eaten in this order: purple, green, yellow, orange, red. Always.

5. For Valentine's Day this year, my husband surprised me with tickets to see Ralphie May. He met with people after the show. I asked him to sign my ticket. He did, gave me a hug, and said, "Thanks, Beautiful."

6. I have to buy things in even numbers. If it is a big item (e.g. cat food, cat litter, laundry soap) I am ok. But can goods, loaves of bread, yogurt has to be in multiples. Ironically, I have an odd sense of even (hee hee that cracked me up). At the gas pump, I always stop the change portion on a 0 0r 5. So, for example, if the pump clicks off at $51.33, I will make it end on $51.35. Can't get more odd than that, but to me it is even. Don't judge.

7. The bed gets made everyday. I cannot sleep well if it hasn't. If for some reason, I didn't get it made, I will straighten and re-tuck everything as if I am making it, before I go to bed.

I am tagging these awesome folks:


Queen B
Beachy Mimi

Just a note: I am having my gallbladder out on Friday (8/15), so it may be a few days before I post again. Have a great weekend!


Beachy Mimi said...

Wishing you the best for your surgery and afterwards. Thanks for the tag.

Courtney said...

I tried to leave comments with my Wordpress username, but it wasn't having it. Oh, well. Saw the meme tag, just haven't sat down to blog lately. Been a busy week.
Just wanted to say best of luck and enjoy your medication. I hope your gallbladder is removed with efficiency and care, and that you recover quickly!

jen said...

How is your gallbladder or lack thereof? Hope you are feeling great.

I had mine out a couple of years ago and was shocked at how easy the recovery was. And, hey, it's a great way to lose some weight! : )

I hope your surgery went smoothly and that you are resting comfortably.

Take care!

Kelsey S said...

Thanks for the tag:)


Queen B said...

Ooh! Thanks for thinking of me! I will get right on it.

Courtney said...

How's your gallbladder? In a jar on your shelf? Just wanted to make sure all was well.

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