Things to wonder...

Why do the appliances break as soon as the warranty runs out? Would they last longer without a warranty?

Why does the cat feel the need to get in the litter box as soon as I scoop it?

Why are the female guest hosts on Regis and Kelly always blonde?

Where did the sock go once it escaped the washer?

What else does Kate Gosselin do besides cook?

Why does Big Daddy lock the windows upstairs but leaves them unlocked downstairs?

Why is it, as soon as it is mentioned you are having a procedure, someone ALWAYS has a horror story pertaining to the same procedure? Then, he or she will say, "But I am sure that won't happen to you..."?

Should I just go ahead and paint the walls black and save myself another 10 years of scrubbing?

How could a child be too well- mannered?

Should "well-mannered" be hyphened?

Is it wrong that I think it's rude to walk through other people's yards?

What are you wondering about today?

1 comment:

SarahHub said...

Besides cooking, Kate also yells at her husband. A. Lot. (Get it, Heather?) It drives me crazy to where I now mostly pick on her when I watch the show. I have to get over this, because I love watching the kids. Okay, rant complete.

I would probably not be as nice if I had eight kids, either.

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