It is 7 o'clock and my third grader is STILL working on homework. This bothers me to no end. Sometimes I wonder if he has ADD or vision problems. Other times I wish that I could have held him back in second grade. That is a whole 'nother gripe for another day.


Yesterday, Big Daddy and I went to lunch at a little cafe. Grandma from the next table over wanted to know if she get get by me to get two interactive books that were on the ledge next to me. Now, this cafe is in the old high school. So, there are all kinds of school-type things around. These books didn't seem to be table toys, but maybe it was just me. It sort of perturbed me that I had to get up -in the middle of my meal- so she could have the books. Of course, I could have handed them to her; I thought of that later. She commented she was doing us all a favor as, "the kids will be quieter."
They were noisier after the fact. Naturally.


There is a girl that works at a grocery store in this town. It happens to be the same chain in which my husband works. As a matter of fact, I think he may have hired her. I have known her since I have lived here. It was told to my husband, who naturally told me, that she declared last week she is a vampire. It was ironic when he told me because; a)I had just had a dream about teenage vampires, b) I just bought Stephanie Meyer's first two books, c)There was a show on the History Channel coming on at the same time about vampires. After I stopped laughing, (you SO would have to know this girl) I asked how she was working since the store closes at 11pm. [She used to work the midnight shift when that store was open 24 hours] Hand to heart, I cannot make this up-she wears her sunglasses often-the light bothers her.
Should you get in line at our local grocery store and your cashier is sportin' some shades, remember this story. Do not panic, though. She has reported that she doesn't drink other people's blood- only her own.

School started back for me yesterday officially, but today was my "day" classes. [That sentence sounds weird] The theme for today was: Reading. It's all you'll do. It makes me thankful I dropped the 8 am class I had scheduled. I am taking 15 hours this semester. You know that rule that you should study two hours for every hour of class? That would be conservative this semester. Highlights from today:

Geography: This award winning professor shared his background. I cried. His passion re-ignited my flame that went out over the summer.

Educational Psychology: I just love this professor. Third class I have had with him. With that being said, he assigned a two page paper on the early background of Piaget for Thursday.

Media Writing: I am the only Education major in this class of 10. The other nine are Mass Comm majors. Obviously. The reigning queen of a local festival sits behind me. And she just finished her demo. Another guy has just been offered an internship with the Titans. I am the only one that expressed my [secret] desire to write professionally.

History: The instructor is new to town, a published author, and very...confident. He suggested that we watch "The Colbert Report." He thinks that Jon Stuart is a genius. AND while making the point of how plagiarism is vile, just happened to mention that Joe Biden has been on the ticket for Veep twice, and it came out that he was caught doing that very thing. Interesting. This class is likely to steal my sanity. But I may enjoy it.


There is more. Much more. See y'all tomorrow.


Simply Stork said...

I was called "mam" at a store today...what more can I say...

I hear your pain...

blessings on your day regardless...here's to hoping our evening goes better :o)


I'm visiting you from the blog train...I'm here to say a quick "hello"

SarahHub said...

Makes me feel better to know the vampire only drinks her own blood... I think...

Amanda said...

Thank you. You just reminded me why I'm not back in school. I forgot just how quirky the profs can be. And it's terrible for the sanity and psyche to get one who only wants things done their way, because as we all know that's the only and right way. I think all college profs should have to take a semester and teach preschool every so often to knock them down a few pegs LOL

Elouise82 said...

People actually think they are vampires? And drink their own blood, or at least claim to?

I should be horrified, but somehow it just doesn't surprise me, in this vampire-obsessed society. Is a little creepy, though ...

Your classes sound very interesting! Have fun with them!

Tina said...

good luck with your studies. seems like theres alot of interesting stuff to take in.

thanks for dropping by mine from the blog train :)

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