The best laid--

I had a plan.

Because I have a husband that understands how important my education is to me, and the children that are at the age homework is primarily solo, handling my homework was going to be fine. I would even be able to blog regularly. It was even recommended! Ok, technically that was the Media Writing professor, but still... Life was golden.

Then, it happened.

The youngest decided learning would not be on his agenda this week. I decided that it would be. We fought nightly until bedtime. I do not exaggerate.

I wrote a note to his teacher asking for her help. She thinks he is struggling (not just lazy as I suspect) and wants to meet next week. We may possibly modify his instruction.


I came into today thinking there was no problem; it's a four-day weekend! I can accomplish my long to-do list and get back on schedule.

-At the library today, there was a sign for an interesting lecture . There is a couple of hours at least gone from Saturday to attend.

-Big Daddy wants me to help him with the Weenie Wagon on Sunday. "Only" from 11-5, he says. It is hot this weekend. I will be exhausted by the time we get home.

-I promised the boys we'd go shopping. Pants shopping-always a crowd pleaser. ::shudders::

-I have this bad habit of wanting to sleep at night. Maybe I should trade with one of my friends who wishes she could.

All my professors have talked this week on how important reading, writing, and critical thinking is for growth. Being they didn't mention format, you think I could convince them that daily blogging (including reading and commenting on others) is essential?

Then, my plan would be complete. Except for that whole stubborn 8-year old business. Unfortunately, he gets it honest.

Don't tell him.


SarahHub said...

If you figure out how to get over that sleeping habit, let me know...

You can do this, Heather!

Kelsey S said...

Aww you poor thing! Sending well wishes your way for a good weekend!


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Just dropped in from the Blog Train...

My husband keeps telling me that "Sleep is over-rated"...as he hads off to bed and I stay up with a teething 9 month old!

Melissa said...

Good luck with sorting it all out. Just when we think everything is coming together a spanner is thrown in the works.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Now I'd like to return the gesture. :-)

And I'm glad I did...you may think you're not cool and hip, but your blog is!

I homeschool my boys, and believe me, I can relate to an uncooperative kid! But I can tell you that my oldest son did the exact same thing at the exact same age!

Keep on him; do it lovingly but stay consistent. He'll get over it, though it may take a little while. Press on!

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