Interview with the chil'ren. Part two

Darrin, the 8- year old. He is a man of few words. Just like another guy I know...


So. How do you feel about getting interviewed by your mommy?
"I don't know."

Do you know what interview means?

Then how do you know what I am doing?
"I don't know."

So I could be doing it wrong?"Yeah."

How would you know?
"I don't know."

You sound a lot like your sister. An interview is when someone asks you a series of questions. Usually for a publication. Does that help?

Well, we aren't going to get very far, are we?

How about I just ask you some questions and you answer them without the 'I don't know.'


"I don't know."


"How long is this going to be?"

How did you get a black eye?
"Nick threw a book."

Why was he throwing a book?
"To scare me."

Did it work?

"No. It hit me."

That's true. I think he might have been scared of Mommy. What do you think?
::smiles: "Yes."

What is your favorite thing to do?

Play Playstation.

Really? I hardly see you play it. Which game is your favorite?
::goes in search of game:: Mx vs. ATV

Ok. Cool.

Do you like being the youngest child?

"I don't know."

So, you don't think you'd want another brother or sister?

Hmm. Interesting.

What did you think about that new Spongebob episode?
"It was cool."

What was your favorite part?
"When Spongebob was the "mayor."

If you could have a whole day to do whatever, wherever, what would you do?
"Play. Drive a golf cart. That's all."

That seems pretty ambitious. Who are you going to take with you?
"Chris and Blake."

What about Nick?
"Yeah. But I get to drive."

Alrighty then.


Bridgett said...

Sorry Heather...but "I just don't know" about this interview!


He's a cutie!


Beachy Mimi said...

He is so cute! I think you actually got more info out of him. Loved it!

Perkysgrl said...

Very cute :)

SarahHub said...

Your interview skills must be improving, as he talked much more!

Too cute! I love that he wants to drive a golf cart!

Brandi said...

no no no, I DON'T know. : D

He is hilarious!

Rachel said...

I'm so with him on the driving a golf cart thing. Why is it that even though I can drive an actual CAR a golf cart sounds like so much fun?

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