OCD works for me

****Disclaimer****I am in no way trying to make light of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). I was diagnosed with it many years ago; a mild case. While I can keep it in control most of the time, it is very real and can be debilitating at times. The following is an example of how luck was on my side.

Friends, I saw my life flash before my eyes earlier this evening. All I know is that there is a higher power on my side.

Around 9:44 , a girl (let's call her Kayla) called me to ask about two assignments that are due tomorrow.

I pull up my documents and plug in my flash drive. And then, it happened.

The first assignment was 25 multiple questions with five of those being short essay. Here's an example:

In each of the following situations, a student either is learning or has learned something. (1) Classify each of the situations as involving either classical or operant conditioning. (2) Defend your answer by analyzing the situation within the context of the learning paradigm you have chosen.
a. When James begins running down the hall toward the cafeteria, his teacher asks him to walk instead. James begins walking, and the teacher gives him a smile. After that, James always makes sure that he walks rather than runs to the cafeteria.
b. Ralph's friend offers him an illegal drug. Ralph takes the drug and finds that it makes him feel great. Ralph begins to buy the drug himself and takes it more and more frequently.
c. Linda is a bright, academically capable girl. Once when she was sick, she failed an important test. Now she is very anxious whenever she takes a test.

This just happened to be one she was asking about. Only my essay answers weren't on my copy; only the mulitple choice. I log into the online campus where we upload assignments and pull mine that I had so smugly submitted a week ago.

I. Had. No. Essay. Section.
Blood pressure hit rock bottom. Sweating increased. Mind started to swirl.

Frantically, I start opening file folders on both my flash drive and documents. The only copy I have doesn't have the essay section.


I remember having at least half of those answered. I could see myself working on them last Monday. I can see myself asking about the above question on Tuesday (specifically situation B) and I can see my self finishing said questions on Wednesday....

I am OCD when it comes to saving files. Need a drink? Hit save. Phone rings? Hit save. Want to copy a link? Hit save.

Over three hours of work was gone. Erased. Vanished. The assignment is due by 11 pm Wednesday. I could redo them, but. But. BUT.

I selfishly mentioned it to Sarah in our email exchange to make HER feel better. Whatever she did worked, because after about 30 minutes and 5000 clicks (who knew there was so much junk in a computer?), I found it.

Right where I left it.

Only it was mislabeled. By the teacher when I downloaded the assignment. And placed exactly where I wanted it- in my folder labeled "EDU 221." You know, so I could find it and all.

So something knew that I had the wrong assignment turned in. Thank goodness for Kayla, Sarah, and OCD.

Trust your gut instinct-it works for me.

Special thanks to Shannon, for hosting Works For Me Wednesday.


Grammy said...

I am glad it worked out for you. I know the panic of what did I do. But amazed you found it.

Bridgett said...

I've never been diagnosed OCD...but I'm quite certain I have a mild case as well.

Doug never fails to mention it...

Regardless, I'm so glad you were able to find your essay answers. I would have been panicking too! Who wants to do something twice? Not me! :)

Perkysgrl said...

Glad you found your stuff...

As for the OCD, I still love you :)

SarahHub said...


Rachel said...

Just reading your post caused my heart to flutter. I was instantly transported back to my college courses and the panic involved in each and every assignment.

I am SO GLAD you found it. I may have cried for you if you hadn't.

Tara said...

lol That is so terrible thinking you lost something like that. I hate that feeling.. thats happen to me with photos ect.. but my husband assures me there is always a way to find them on the computer lol

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