Now where did I put that?

You know what I hate?

Writing a totally rockin' blog entry in my head, on the way to Target no less, and lose it.

Oh, I had it still when I got home. I was thisclose to writing it. But, in trying to be studious, as I have a History test on Thursday I TOTALLY am behind on, I decided to wait until I got home tonight.


I will say this though. I got the last (I hope) bill from the gallbladder surgery. This one was courtesy of the surgeon himself. The guy that told me that he isn't is this for the money. Only two charges: inital consultation and day of surgery.

Well, all I know, I'd hate to see what he'd charge if WERE in it for the money.

Anyway, my friend Jenn has a great idea and I am going to follow in her footsteps..

Photo project, Day 1:

This is the flower I got yesterday at my induction into the Honor Society.I took this late morning.

It is sitting in the greenhouse window in the kitchen. Note the lack of green.

It's basically a dust collector that gets really great light all day long.


IndigoSunMoon said...

The flower is beautiful! My partner you may or may not know had a life threatening car accident last October. We are getting so many bills now its not even funny. And she has great insurance! Ugh! I almost hate to go to the mailbox!

Bridgett said...

First, I love your picture! Heather, you're a knock-out.

Second, congratulations on your induction into the Honor Society! I did that in high school, but never did well enough in college to pull it off. LOL The flower is beautiful.

Third, you rock, my friend. Just because.


SarahHub said...

What a pretty flower! Congratulations, Smarty Pants.

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