When life hands you lemons, make it a blog post

Last summer, at my other place, I created a little meme called "Ticked off Tuesday." For some, it was a big hit. I watched it spread to people that didn't know my blog existed because I am/was private. Basically, it was just the little nuances that bug you at the time it happens, but not often enough to be called a pet peeve.
After about five weeks, I pulled it. I suddenly saw myself immersed in a world of negativity by looking for things to write about on Tuesdays. A couple of my friends admitted at the end that they wouldn't/didn't participate because they avoided negativity.

Today, I am feeling sort of blah. I am not sure if it's because of that sweet baby, the fact that nine weeks of school is over already, just tired from being up last night or what, but there are some things that just plain bugged me today. This afternoon, I decided to have a special fall edition of Ticked off Tuesday, which obviously has moved to a better time slot of Thursday. It's like the Vice-Presidential debates, except entertaining and honest.

Here it is...

**The motorcycle [driver] that followed WAY too close coming into the college this morning. Between all the speed bumps and stop signs, I honestly thought he was going to hit the car. Then he parked in the faculty lot.

**The geography instructor asked a student if she was going to, "da Sweeden." because she had her hair in two braids and pulled forward. She didn't really say anything so he says, "What's the matter? You [sic] having a bad day?" I just thought it was tacky. (His comment, not her hair. I actually thought it was cute.)

**I arrive in my Educational Psychology class. The assignment that I thought was due by 11 tonight, was due by 11 last night. I had two more examples to type up and had planned on doing it after class today while another girl and I worked on a couple of things. Anyway, he accepted a hard copy. Blech.

**I went to talk to the Media Writing professor and explain why I dropped the class. She gave me back the project I turned in last week with a 92 written on it. I got the highest grade in the class and here I thought I wasn't getting it.

**The girl that sits next to me in History chomps on her gum. Loudly.Every.Single.Day. Sounds like cattle grazing.

**Fall break started at the end of school today for students. Since Big Daddy is working, and the kids have no homework (for two whole weeks! EEEeee!) I was going to knock out some projects. Then, the phone rang. Pfft...You know how plans go.

** The lady that parked in the handicapped parking just to return her RedBox DVD.

** The girl that asked me what I would like to order at McDonald's as I was walking in the door. Literally.

To counter the negative effects, here is a short list of things that were good about today:

*The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, temps were perfect. It just smelled like fall.
*My education instructor accepted my assignment.
*The Media Writing prof asked me to be a student editor for the publication the school puts out. She also has requested my manuscript (ahem, as soon as I finish it) because she may know the right people to have a look. (Emphasis is hers. Did I mention she is a published writer?)
*I got to have dinner alone with my youngest. A rare treat.
*The middle child was invited to play at a friend's house (thus adjusting my plans), but I know how important these years are socially.
*Knowing that I will write this post, and someone will read it.

(and hopefully comment)

How was your day?


SarahHub said...

Heather, that is awesome about your Media class! Isn't it funny how hard we are on ourselves?

I like your good list. Dinner with your child, a beautiful autumn day... sounds nice!

Beachy Mimi said...

My day was great. I personally like both lists because they are real. Sometimes we just need to rant a little bit. It isn't necessarily negative, just real life. Life just isn't all bad or all good all the time.

Keep on being real.

SarahHub said...

Happy Friday, my friend. I left you a little something over on my blog...

Momma said...

I loved this post. It is very real and made me feel better about bad days. Other people DO have them. lol.

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