Rama-lama-ding dongdongdongdongdong...

Yesterday, Big Daddy was off work. The kids are out of school. So we started working on getting our Halloween decoratin' on. We *heart* Halloween.

I wanted to run to the next town over and hit up the Goodwill. Since today was the first Saturday of the month, and they'd be having the "everything 50 percent off sale", I thought they'd have a good bit of holiday stuff out. Of the four stores closest to us, this particular one is my favorite but the one I visit the least.

Man did they have the spread -it's a shame I wasn't in the mood to shop for Christmas.

Anyway, since we were there, I thought I'd also stop in Cato. If you have one of these stores near you, I suggest you shop there. If you don't, I will send my sympathies. They are my FAVORITE shop. We don't have a Cato here in my town, so I make a special trip just to shop in this store.
[If Cato would like to hit a sister up with a gift card, I'd be happy to do more advertising...]

When I walked in the door, the doorbell dinged as per usual. Just one ding--

About four circles around the clearance rack later, I hear two of the ladies talking about the aforementioned doorbell. A customer had left earlier and the bell didn't go off. One of the two talking had went to make sure it was working, and it dinged as normal. So, they are telling this third employee how [the customer] was so skinny that she probably walked around the beams. The third lady says, "Oh. I KNOW I would have tripped it."

I finish my shopping (only two necklace/earring sets) and leave the store. As I start to walk out the door, the door bell starts going off like I was stealing the joint.

Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I was offended.

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SarahHub said...

I am going to visit that link, since I've never heard of Cato.

I am sure the bell was malfunctioning... But it's okay to be offended.

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