Wham-Bam, 'A' for the Ma'am

Thank- you so much for the well wishes. I am feeling better today.

My G.eography p.rofessor has one of the best methods of teaching I have ever encountered. He uses methods in such a unique manner that Socrates himself would have learned something new.

He lectures, we take notes. He told us up front that if he writes it on the board, it was on the test. His tests are essay- only one question. The best part?

We get the question upfront. Then, the proceeding lecture is the "outline" for the test.

For example, we took a test last Tuesday. The question was:

Describe the characteristics of tropical rain forests in terms of:
1) misc. facts
2)characteristics of tropical rain forests
3)causes of deforestation
4)consequences of deforestation

To give you an idea of the amount of information that was given to us, I hand- wrote my outline. It took THREE PAGES.


So, I struggled trying to remember something, anything to make a cohesive essay. We started at 9:30 and had until 10:50.

I was the second to last to leave; I left at 10:51.

I could NOT get the information to flow out of my pen. I knew I was forgetting major points. Knowing that it was over and I had done all I could do, I scribbled this note at the bottom of the essay:

Mr. *****,
I know this essay was weak. It's NOT from lack of study or your lecture. This section was very interesting, but I was confused and should have asked you some questions. I just couldn't get it organized properly in my head. My apologies.
***** (I used my last name as that is how he refers to us)

We got the tests back today. I got an A and "see note."

He wrote:

My friend it is still very good, if somewhat disorganized.
Buddy---- (not sure what that meant)
****** (signed with his first name!)

Maybe he is paying me back for calling me Ma'am.

And just FYI, my OCD [tendencies] is [are] back. Apparently it shows in the PowerPoint.

Let's see what they say when we get an A.


Bridgett said...

LOL...I like this professor too! :)

Rachel said...

Hooray for you! There's nothing better than getting an A when you don't think you did well! :)

Brandi said...

Oh I like this one! Reminds me of my professor from my one and only semester. He taught speeches or something, always laughed and my jokes and even thought it was hilarious when my final speach was about why procrastination is best (every speech I did was late). I got an A bwahaha! : )

Great job!!

SarahHub said...

Of course you got an A. You are an over achiever, remember?

suzypwr said...

He could tell you knew the material. Nice job!! (as always!)

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