How to succeed (or not) in college

When one is doing research via the 'net, be sure to read the entire document carefully. Should one come across passages written as, "Several techniques can be used to asses the children while in the classroom." or "There are also students that are able to hide there disorder when out in public...."consider whether or not the document falls under the "academic and scholarly reference" portion of the assignment.

Also, remember plagiarism is not acceptable. Careers have been destroyed by this practice.

Of course, one could always be picked to run as a Vice-President.

(And win.)


Bridgett said...

Hmmm...I hadn't heard about that. Not good.

My secret to success in college?

Sleeping with the professor, of course.


I kid, I kid!



Rachel said...

Ouch. I'd say poor Biden, but really? I had to write MY own papers in school.

Once a professor accused me of plagerism. It SO wasn't true, but I still had to write an entirely new 15 page paper in German. I'm still bitter about that. Yep. Still bitter.

Brandi said...

LOL to Bridgett ... funny!

I never saw this entry : (

I like all of your suggestions of course. hehe


suzypwr said...

Plagerism - I am so glad I finished college before computers became mainstream....j/k.....xoxo

Fiona said...

And again- the coincidence is eerie.

I graded 9 papers yesterday and Saturday. Of those 9, two were blatantly plagiarised. One from SparkNotes.

Really? SparkNotes? Because I can't find that on Google???

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