I have lost my sparkle

Geez. At this rate, I am not going to make my New Year's Eve deadline.

I am feeling..not myself. Words allude me right now.

Before I go, I finished Twilight today. I have the second book and will start it either tonight or tomorrow.


I am not all gaga over it like I thought I would be. I don't know....

Here is one of my favorite videos. I know some of you have seen it; it never fails to make me laugh:


Bridgett said...

I think you'll enjoy it more once you've read all the books...but I have to confess, after Twilight, I was HOOKED.

And crushing so hard on Edward I could hardly stand it. LOL


Brandi said...

oh my gosh I have never seen that video!! LOL

I love the Twilight series, sigh. I'm still working on my Mom! lol

I had cooties!!!

Christy said...

That video was great! LOL Praying for you.

Rachel said...

I have never seen that video, and I LOVE IT!

"Circle, circle, dot, dot, Now I've got the cootie shot."


SarahHub said...

Rachel's comment made me laugh! I forgot about that part!

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