Shopping is not for the weak

We had to go grocery shopping today. There are many things I hate about shopping, but grocery shopping in December, on a Sunday pretty much sums it up. Here is a random list of things that bugged me in no particular order:

*It is like this pretty much at any store but it bothers me the most at the Gates of Hell, otherwise known as W.al-Mart, is the way people act. Now, I push my buggy on the side of the aisle as if it is a road. It seems like a lot of people do it that way, so I may not be the only one. I always get those heifers huffin' and puffin' like I am in their way. There is no southern hospitality in W.al-Mart.

*I went to the restroom before we left. On the dispenser that holds the toilet seat covers was a sticker that read: "Do you have a dishonorable discharge?" The bottom part of it was torn off. I am not sure if it was something for the military or a 1-800 number. At first I laughed, then I was slightly disturbed.

*Further into Hell, or The Mall, we went to do the Santa Visit. It may have been easier to stay at home and get in line, as I am pretty sure that's where we got in line. I noticed a sign that asked that customers not to use personal photographic equipment to take photos. Wouldn't you know we saw several people do it. So while I paid 87.99 for my two key chains, and NO personal photos, those other fools got off free. But the "elves" weren't stopping them either. This one guy was getting them from all angles. No wonder we were in line for and hour and thirty-five minutes.

Also, a group in front of us was eating their lunch. Chick had a plate lunch from China Express or something. I saw some rice on a paper plate. After we had moved up some, my husband noticed that she left her tray on the trash can at the front of Dillard's. We were in the MIDDLE of this huge mall. The food court was far away, but that was ridiculous. I bet Big Daddy a cupcake from Puffy Muffin ::giggles:: that they'd take pictures with their own camera. He bet me they wouldn't for a Cinnabon.

Those Cinnabon bites were delish.

*Have you seen those guys (or gals) holding close out signs for various business that are closing? This one dude had his signed rigged and wasn't even holding it. Matter of fact, we saw him take off for Krispie Cream. When we came back by, he was just sitting beside it. Lazy.

*The samples at Costco. Folks go crazy trying to get one. If a big man in a flannel shirt ran you over, I do apologize. It truly is annoying.

Is it bedtime yet?


Land of Lovings said...

Wait...were you in Atlanta today?? You just described life here for the last two weeks! (Minus the dishonorable discharge part which is just about the funniest thing I've read in a while!)

Bridgett said...

Okay, I think I'm throwing up a little in my mouth about the 'discharge' line. LOL

Sounds like a typical American family day out. Especially around the holidays. And I wonder why I've become a homebody. :)


Brandi said...

Lol I am the weakand I like to shop at midnight. : D

SarahHub said...

You make me laugh!

First, do you really call it a "buggy?" We say "cart" here. You sound British, like Fiona...

And now I forgot the second thing...

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