Tick-tock, tick-tock

It is 12:36 in the am.

I am not sure why I am awake exactly. I had fallen asleep on the couch some time after 8. Big Daddy woke me up to go to bed at 9 something. At 11:50, I woke up and turned the tv off, but then I couldn't go back to sleep. Weird.

If it weren't for the news this morning, I wouldn't have known that today (16th) is the cutoff for mail to make it on time. Unfortunately, I didn't take the kids pictures to send out. Oops. I don't know what I was thinking....

We are under a freezing rain advisory. It was supposed to start after midnight, but I am still waiting. While I don't want to miss another day from school, I don't want to go either. There are three weeks in a school year I don't always love (in this order of misbehavior):

1. Last week of school
2. Last week before Christmas vacation, excuse me, winter vacation.
3. Last week before Spring Break.

Monday and Tuesday I am still in Music. They are watching this video about Bach. I liked it the first couple of times, but after several classes....I am over it. Monday, I had my favorite 5th grade class, and they were horrible. Are you listening Santa? Bring extra coal to Tennessee. You know, now that I think of it, even my own children are out of sorts. Especially the youngest. I must remember to have patience tomorrow/today and reel that junk in. I am not raising snots.

I started reading New Moon Sunday evening, but the bulk of it I read Monday. This book is much, MUCH better. The writing is better, the storyline is less predictable, and a couple of times I even gasped out loud. (Rare for me)

Sorry, Rachel. :)

My husband called his dad this evening. I guess he is coming for Christmas. He told Big Daddy they'd be here when he talked to him at Thanksgiving, but we weren't holding our breath. This should be interesting. My mom, my white trash brother, and FIL's "girlfriend" under the same roof. Lord have mercy....They are even spending the night before they leave for Ohio. I am in shock. I guess I'll worry about it when they get here. My FIL is sooooooooo spontaneous. He could change his mind tomorrow.

Well, it is now 12:57. I need to get more sleep. The rain hasn't started yet.


Brandi said...

ok NEW MOON IS NOT better. Ugh! Ugh1!!#$#@$@#$

lol Ok it's really good just the story portion of it I wasn't digging. : )

Looks like I'm not the only one who can't sleep. yay!

Bridgett said...

Actually, New Moon was my least favorite of the three books. Not enough Edward in it for my tastes. :)

I still loved it though. I loved them all.

I can't wait until you get to Breaking Dawn...I'm dying for your take on it. Jenn and I actually weren't in perfect agreement on it...so it'll be interesting to have your take. :)

We're having a snow day...hope you had yours too.


Rachel said...

Geeze. Great. Now I'll have to put your CULLEN bracelet in the mail.


Fiona said...

There must be something in the air. I'm feeling snotty this morning myself. Just about growled at Charles for leaning over me while I was on the computer.

I think I need a cookie. Maybe you should have one, too?

SarahHub said...

We were under that advisory, too. Just a tiny bit of ice here.

Hey, do you think you're on the route from St. Louis to Atlanta?

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