Now paging Fiona. Please pick up the white courtsey phone...

Last night was my Geometry final.


Today are the two that make my stomach hurt.

Educational Psychology...it's open book, so really, I'll be ok.


At 2:00 Central is my history final...

Fiona, please. If you can telepathically help a sister out, I'd be forever grateful. Just from 1820 to say, Reconstruction, will be fine.

I'd owe you FOREVER.



FIONA! Girl, I so owe you. I knew those answers like I wrote the test myself. Well, I was shaky on just a couple, but his "all the above" answers freak me out. Then on the essay portion, the information just flowed through my pencil. It was like I had no control.


Ok, kids. One more to go then it's all over.

Thankfully, my digestive system has calmed down.



Fiona said...

Ok: I'm telepathically sending you all the necessary information about the period from 1820 to 1877 (the end of R.).

Just remember: conflict over slavery in the West, federal power, and abolition. Expanding economics and political participation. Increased urbanization and immigration.

War, war, war.

Attempts to re-make southern society and politics. Fail, fail, fail. Election of 1876, Compromise of 1877, end of Reconstruction.

Here's to another home run! (as for Educational Psychology, I am no help. That stuff gives me hives)

SarahHub said...

Yeah, what Fiona said... And good luck!

Bridgett said...

Yuck. History. Blah.

Good luck!

Brandi said...


Fiona said...


You're kicking the poo out of these finals. What's that I smell? Is it a bunch of A's? Maybe...

Perkysgrl said...

Glad you did so well!!


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